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What Is The Easiest And Fastest Plant To Grow Indoors

Growing indoors is a fun and satisfying way to connect with nature. Knowing which plants are the easiest and fastest to grow can help you get started without too much trouble.

Herbs are ideal for beginners. They usually require little care, and most will thrive with average home lighting. Herbs such as basil, oregano, rosemary, chives, thyme, and marjoram only need access to adequate sun or artificial light; high-quality potting soil and natural liquid fertilizer should be applied every two weeks.

Vegetables like lettuce, arugula, and spinach also require minimal sunlight or artificial lighting, are quickly harvested, and prefer cooler temperatures in the low 60s or highs of 70°F.

Hanging plants such as vining pothos or hoyas do well suspended from ceilings or walls and often require less work than those planted in pots since they need less water. Unlike other plants that require replanting when their root systems expand beyond their containers, these climbing varieties don’t take up much floor space, making it easy to maintain them within small spaces.

Lastly, succulents like cacti and aloe vera jelly bean plants make caring for plants even easier because they can go days without water making them perfect if you travel frequently or forget to water your plants. 

No matter which type of plant you choose, remember that patience is key when starting out – so soak up the simple joy of nurturing something green!

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