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What Is The Correct Way To Water Plants

Giving plants the right amount of water can be tricky. It’s important to gauge when it’s time to water and how much is enough, without overdoing it. 

Start with location. If a plant isn’t in an ideal spot, adjust its environment. South-facing windows bring in direct sunlight and warmth; north-facing locations provide indirect light but stay relatively cool. Monitor these variables periodically to make sure they’re where they should be.

Next, understand your soil type–coarse or sandy soils dry quickly compared to loam or clay-rich varieties. And know how frequently you need to water for your particular plants’ needs–the schedule can vary from almost daily for some plants, to only once every few weeks for others.

Before adding any more moisture, check the plant’s temperature and humidity levels around the root zone during growth (when the most evaporative demand is placed on transpiration). Plants that like higher temperatures will call for more frequent watering than those adapted to cooler climates.

When you do give your plants a drink, use room-temperature water if possible–cooler temperatures can shock delicate root systems in warmer conditions and easily wash away nutrients from basic potting mixes. Water until slightly moistened but not bogged down at the bottom of the planter then wait until it dries out before repeating the process again.

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