What Is The Best Way To Feed Grass

Grazing is best for grass. Grass needs to be regularly cut or grazed in order to prevent the buildup of dead material and encourage healthy re-growth. When it comes to grazing, there are two main methods: continuous and rotational. 

Continuous grazing involves allowing animals to graze a specific area continuously until the grass has been completely consumed. This can be problematic as it causes overgrazing and can quickly damage both the nutritional value of grass, as well as the soil beneath it.

Rotational grazing, on the other hand, involves moving animals between grazing areas in sequences that allow grass time to re-grow and restore itself before they return. 

Grass should also be fertilized if possible in order to keep it healthy long-term. Fertilizing with high-quality organic manure helps boost essential nutrient levels, aids in water retention, and promotes soil structure health.

Lastly, always ensure the grass is not exposed to overnight moisture as this can lead to rapid deterioration of its health due to molds and fungus growths forming out of virtually nowhere.

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