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What Is The Best Spot For Succulents

A bright spot with the perfect amount of sunlight is best for succulents. Aim for a window that gets two-to-four hours of direct Sun daily. East and west-facing windows are ideal options.

Avoid hot, sweltering south or southwest exposures, which can scorch your succulents. If you don’t have access to optimal light, consider adding artificial lighting in the form of lights designed specifically for houseplants.

When it comes to placement, spacing is key. Choose a much larger pot than what’s necessary to give roots freedom to grow. Provide good airflow — succulents don’t want to be too wet or crowded, so positioning plants at least an inch or two apart is recommended.

Lastly, monitor the temperature closely —succulents do not like extreme cold or heat and should generally be kept between 65–75°F (18–24°C). Enjoy creative styling with these easy-care beauties!

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