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What Is The Best Homemade Lawn Fertilizer

Green lawns deserve nutrition to flourish. And making your own homemade lawn fertilizer can deliver that cheaply and without any strange chemicals.

Start with a grass clippings potion: collect the clippings from mowing and dry them out in the sun for a few days, then blend them—no large chunks!—in an old blender or food processor. Spread that concoction across the lawn as a quick-release fertilizer.

For long-term nourishment, liquid fertilizer is ideal. Blend overripe bananas or eggs with water and use a sprinkler sprayer to apply it generously on the turf. The potassium of the bananas and nitrogen of the eggs will give your grass a superb boost of vitamin green.

Alternatively, try a soil compost tea – take two cups of garden compost and soak it in cool water overnight before straining through cheesecloth. When you’ve created an earthy liquid, add some cornmeal or molasses to act as a carbohydrate source for bacteria in the mix. Stir up this mixture daily until bubbles form, ready to be sprinkled on your yard.

This simple DIY approach feeds your plants naturally while improving soil fertility every season, so you can enjoy green blades of heaven all year round!

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