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What Happens If You Water A Succulent Everyday

Over-watering a succulent can lead to root rot, which can cause the plant to die. To avoid this, water your succulent sparingly. Start by lightly misting the soil with a spray bottle, making sure that there is no standing water. Every 5-7 days, completely saturate the soil with water and then let it dry out completely before repeating the process.

Be sure not to give more water than the plant needs. If you notice the leaves of your succulent drooping or turning brown and limp, it means that it’s too wet and could be suffering from root rot or fungal diseases. In this case, stop watering for a few weeks and allow the soil to dry out completely between each session of watering.

In addition to reducing water when needed, it’s also important to keep your succulent in an area with ample light and airflow for maximum health benefits. Succulents need plenty of sunlight in order to thrive, so make sure they are placed in a location with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day – preferably east or south-facing windowsills.

Good air circulation will help prevent fungus as well as help retain healthy humidity levels. Be sure to prune off any dead or diseased leaves regularly and use cactus soil which helps provide optimal drainage for better absorption of nutrients and water retention.

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