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What Happens If You Dont Water New Grass

Dry grass is a harsh reality for new lawns, but failure to water can be catastrophic. Without proper hydration, roots fail to take hold, stunting growth and weakening the lawn.

New seedlings are fragile and must drink deeply twice daily; otherwise, they quickly dry out and die from extreme heat or cold. The newly seeded lawn experiences a triple threat – sun, wind and lack of moisture all work together to consume every droplet of water faster than imaginable.

To guarantee success with your new grass, keep soil moist by watering deeply for long periods. As the water penetrates deeper into soil it hydrates roots directly – the ideal way to encourage strong root development and healthy growth.

Regular maintenance is key; an unwatered lawn can’t fight off pests or weeds so these invaders will gain a foothold much easier once they reach the surface of a thirsty landscape. 

The solution is simple: ample water just below the surface of dormant sod during hot months and more frequent sprinkles during cooler weather. With consistent watering even during milder seasons, your grass will be lush and lovely in no time!

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