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What Happens If You Don’t Water Grass

Parched turf. That’s what happens when you don’t water grass. 

Without regular hydration, the grass will start to wilt and turn a dullish brown color. Important vegetable matter such as roots and shoots die back due to lack of moisture. Then death ensues as the soil becomes dry and hard, squelching vital nutrients from entering the root system. 

Eventually, your lawn begins to resemble an arid desertscape – a thatched floor without life or vibrancy. And once grass dies in this way, it won’t come back unless you devote countless hours into resuscitating it; along with plenty of water, fertilizer and other restorative measures.

Moreover, failing to water your lawn can also incurs financial costs. For starters, you’ll experience higher energy bills due to increased reliance on irrigation systems. Plus time spent tending to patches of damaged vegetation will deplete leisure time more than maintain a vibrant garden would require. 

The bottom line: if you want a healthy green backyard then ensure adequate watering regimes are adhered to on a regular basis – especially in extreme weather conditions – is essential for revitalizing green spaces effectively!

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