What Happens If You Don’T Cut Roses

Pruning roses is an essential step in maintaining a healthy garden. Without regular pruning, the rose plants won’t flower as well and may even become diseased.

When it comes to gardening, proper pruning can make or break your efforts. Neglecting to trim your roses on time will affect their performance, growth, and lifespan. If left unattended, they’ll have weak stems, grow lopsided, and be more vulnerable to pests and diseases–all of which can damage and even kill them if left untreated.

But this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost if you forget to cut back your roses. You can still care for them with regular fertilizing and watering, so they stay healthy without needing drastic measures like full-scale re-pruning or replanting. 

Roses often require multiple trimming sessions throughout their lifecycle; the timing depends on how quickly they shoot out new buds after pruning. Therefore, when it comes to caring for your roses, ensure you keep a careful eye out–both before and after pruning–and apply timely treatment accordingly.

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