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What Happens If Succulents Don’T Get Sun

Sunlight is crucial for the health of succulents. With too little, plants become weak and prone to diseases. Leaves may discolor, fade or shrivel, as well as stretch out or droop in search of light. Eventually, photosynthesis stops, growth is inhibited, and new leaves don’t develop.

Without the Sun, succulents won’t produce colorful blooms or store energy in their roots necessary for survival during periods of drought. When deprived of light, they become dull and brittle, with weakened stems easily damaged by wind or weather.

To protect against darkness, succulents need at least six hours of bright indirect Sun each day, depending on the species. In winter months, when days are shorter and fewer in number, a grow light can help deliver UV rays indoors–or move plants out onto patios for maximum sunlight exposure.

Keep an eye on their needs; if something seems off, check whether it’s due to a lack of Sun before medicating with fertilizer or pest solutions that could further harm your hardy greenery. Sun-starved succulents will thank you later!

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