What Grass Seeds Grow The Fastest

Germination speeds vary. But some grass seeds sprout quickly, helping you create a lush, green lawn fast. 

Fescue is one of the fastest-growing seed varieties. Its deep roots absorb nutrients and water to sustain its growth rate long-term. Fescue also tolerates heat and drought better than other varieties.

Bluegrass offers a vibrant hue and develops dense foliage when properly cared for. It sprouts in 7 to 10 days, creating widespread coverage with minimal effort. 

Ryegrass is an all-purpose variety that adds visual interest to landscaping. This grass stands up to foot traffic and erratic weather conditions, tolerating considerable frost and cold temperatures in zones 3 to 5. 

Turf-type tall fescue produces thicker turf and carries out well against weeds for constant protection throughout the year. In addition, it germinates in five to ten days on average, delivering attractive results swiftly.  

Bentgrass is an aggressive grower that takes off almost instantly when provided appropriate soil temperatures, fertility levels and mowing heights that prevents dormancy during adverse weather conditions.  

For optimum performance, choose a grass seed suited to your climate zone, area size and lawn use requirements – then ensure your soil contains adequate moisture levels before sowing seeds evenly over the surface area at the recommended depth (no deeper than 1/8 inch). With sufficient care, your lawn will reach peak performance in as little as two weeks after planting!

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