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What Fertilizer Promotes Root Growth

Growth starts from the roots. When a plant’s root system is healthy, it can take up more nutrients and water. This leads to better plant health overall and bigger, better yields of fruits, flowers, or vegetables. Applying fertilizer with the right amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium promotes active root growth. 

First, nitrogen boosts cell division for the optimal development of plants’ roots. Second, phosphorus helps build a foundation for healthy root systems by enhancing their vigorous growth and branching structure. Thirdly, potassium supports the development of larger roots with increased absorption capabilities of vital water and nutrients in the soil. 

To maximize benefit when fertilizing, select products that are well-balanced in these three essential nutrients. Timing is key too; fertilize before periods when plants will grow most actively as well as during active growth phases as advised by your local expert gardener or nursery specialist. 

Finally, remember that consistent watering is also paramount in keeping our relation ship strong between your nutrient-filled soil and hungry plant’s roots!

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