What Fertilizer Makes Grass Spread

Nutrition fuels growth. Knowing the right fertilizer blend encourages lush, healthy grass that can quickly expand to desired sizes. 

Ideal options contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as primary ingredients. Nitrogen supports rapid leaf production. Phosphorus aids in root development while encouraging stronger cell connectivity in stalks and stems. Potassium facilitates photosynthesis and water absorption.

Organic selections are also excellent for replenishing nutrients over time without hefty doses of chemicals or animal byproducts. Consider compost or manure-based products to achieve balanced results most efficiently. 

Choose products suited for your type of turfgrass for positive long-term impacts as well as temporary appeal. Mix into soil before seeding with help from spreaders calibrated accordingly for even distribution over the area intended for seedbeds.

For spot-treating patchy zones experiencing difficulty recovering from insect infestations or drought exposure, granular fertilizer is appropriate under the guidance of a lawn care professional whenever possible.

The right nutrition keeps grass thriving and spreading out naturally over time while delivering a beautiful outdoor space year-round.

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