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What Does Baking Soda Do for Hydrangeas

Baking soda helps bring out the beauty of hydrangeas. With a few simple steps, naturally acidic soil can be transformed into a flourishing floral haven. Simply by adding baking soda to your soil, you can increase the pH and unleash an abundance of nutrients for your flowers. 

It’s all about balance—too acidic and your hydrangeas suffer. Too alkaline and they’ll never form their prized blooms. You’ll want to grab your trusty baking soda for the perfect pH adjuster that hydrangeas crave. Sprinkling around 1/2 cup of baking soda per 10 square feet alongside the mulch and near the base plants, neutralizes the acidity and gives them longevity. 

With regular monthly applications in spring through autumn, you’ll create conditions that give these delicate beauties room to thrive while controlling annoying weeds as you go. This essential household item is now part of your garden arsenal—creating harmony between nature and nurture with dramatic results!

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