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What Do I Do If My Cactus Is Too Tall

When your cactus grows too tall, it can impede its ability to absorb sunlight. If you have a cactus that is growing too tall, consider pruning or repotting it to reduce its size.

First and foremost, safety first: be careful when pruning or repotting your cactus. Pruning should be done with clean and sterilized tools such as scissors or small shears. Wear long sleeves, gloves, and eye protection if possible.

Pruning means cutting off some of the top parts of the plant, including stem segments and leaves. This can help slow growth and make the plant more stable while keeping an attractive shape. Trim off discolored or dead stems, excess branches near the top or sides of the plant, and any extra flowers developing towards the top of the cactus’s segments. If a portion looks wilted from lack of light due to growth, you may consider trimming off some of the more extremely affected areas to restore balance in light absorption.

Repotting helps but should only be done if your current pot is restricting growth by suffocation and is leading to detriments in root health. If it’s time for repotting, carefully slide out elevated portions of the cactus clump from its pot – removing some soil along with it if necessary – then gently wrap all exposed roots in moist (not soaking wet) paper towels to keep them hydrated while separating them into individual segments for individual pots either right away or after letting them dry out a bit overnight before replanting in well-draining soil with good aeration/drainage and adequate planting depth as necessary given new pot sizes/shapes. Finally, take great care not to damage any roots while transferring your cactus safely into a bigger pot!

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