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What Do I Add To My Soil Before Planting Grass

Adding the right amendments to soil before planting grass is key to having a lush field of green.

The starting point is testing the soil’s pH or acidity level. You want neutral or slightly acidic soil and can adjust it with fertilizer if necessary. Organic materials are great for improving water drainage, nutrients and texture, such as compost, peat moss, and mulch. 

Zinc, phosphorous, potassium and other micronutrients should be included in your fertilizer mix. If you need to add more nutrient levels beyond what’s available in a standard mixture, consider using lime to increase calcium levels and gypsum for sulfur. When tilling the soil for seeding bear in mind the roots will grow best when you create small clumps instead of completely pulverizing the ground.

Finally, hydration is critical for germination so consistently moisten the surface until you can see new growth emerging from beneath the topsoil. Once that happens you have successfully set up your lawn on a path towards verdant glory!

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