What Do Hydrangeas Attract

Easy to grow and beautiful, hydrangeas bring a splash of colorful interest to any garden. Knowing which variety is best for your space will ensure success. 

Endless Summer Hydrangeas are among the most beloved and widely grown hydrangea choices. With vibrant colors, lush blooms, and easy growth habits, these are the perfect choice for beginners. Just plant them in partial or full sun and enjoy the show!

Gardeners wanting something hardier should look toward the Oakleaf Hydrangea. This native North American develops large clusters of white flowers that age to deep pink or purple tones – a stunning addition to larger gardens.

Tardiva Hydrangeas offer elegant pink blooms with a hint of blue and have gained popularity for their impressive size, persistent blooms, and extended flowering time during summer heat waves. 

Compact Panicle Hydrangeas are an ideal choice for small spaces as they stay relatively small, under 3 feet tall but produce loads of color from midsummer through autumn.

Burgundy Lace Hydrangeas produce deep red-pink blooms with long-lasting petals that transition into a sweet shade of pink in autumn – all on a compact frame not taller than 4 feet! 

Finding success with growing hydrangeas is easier than you may think – simply select the right variety suited to your unique space, provide plenty of sunlight (and some water), then stand back and enjoy!

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