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What Are Three Types Of Vertical Gardens

Green walls are outdoor or indoor living walls consisting of a vertical gardening surface. These provide numerous environmental, aesthetic, and even financial benefits, making them hugely popular among businesses, parks, and other public spaces.

Three types of vertical gardens are available: pre-constructed backyard walls which allow you to easily set up beautiful green walls in your home; structured green walls designed around a steel frame or covered with felt or netting; and hydroponic walls where the plants are grown in water instead of soil.

Each one offers its own unique benefits, such as reduced sun exposure for young plants during hot times of the year and lower maintenance costs due to the lack of soil needed for growth.

A beautiful green wall also adds beauty to any environment it’s placed in – not just aesthetically but functionally as well, providing shade, insulation, and air circulation -all helpful for townspeople on hot days. Plus, with their natural look, they make an attractive addition to any urban landscape.

For those looking from an economic standpoint, green walls can be more affordable than traditional landscaping when the appropriate materials and techniques are used. They require minimal upkeep and can last years longer than average turf lawns when maintained properly.

In conclusion, green walls offer many advantages over conventional landscaping methods – minimizing maintenance costs while beautifying an urban environment with vibrant foliage that both enhances well-being and reduces routine chores.

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