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What Are The Easiest Plants To Keep Alive Indoors

Growing plants indoors is a timeless pleasure. Offering brightness and serenity, houseplants can make any space vibrant and inviting. The easiest ones to start with are low-maintenance, fuss-free varieties that require minimal attention.

Succulents and cacti can do well with bright light but little watering, perfect for new gardeners or those short of time. Air plants are also an option, needing only occasional misting to sustain life. Vines or creeping plants tend to thrive in warm temperatures and indirect light.

Ferns enjoy the humid atmosphere of a bathroom space, plus regular waterings to keep the soil damp. Hedge-leafy houseplants will prefer slightly moist soil conditions and frequent pruning. Another plant option is ivies; they’re quite tolerant of lower light levels and less water than most other green houseplants.

If you find it hard to stick to a watering schedule or live in dry air areas, see your home filled with woodland scenes. Use terrariums where the outdoor matter will collect moisture from condensation in a glass container creating a mini ecosystem containing ferns, lichens, mosses and mushrooms living off each other’s waste products while you look on in delight!

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