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What Are The Best Vitamins For Grass

Healthy grass needs key vitamins to stay lush and green. A balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium gives it the nutrition it needs to thrive. Supplements of core vitamins can be beneficial too.

Iron boosts photosynthesis, which enables grass to absorb more sunlight and produce stronger pigments in its foliage. For best results, use chelated iron granules applied directly on top of the soil.

Potassium helps grass resist disease and withstand heat waves by making it more resilient overall. Liquid fertilizers are particularly effective for this mineral, as they quickly break down in the soil for fast absorption by roots.

Magnesium is another important vitamin vital to healthy blades and strong root systems. Epsom salt mixes work wonders for supplying magnesium; just sprinkle evenly over freshly mowed turf before watering naturally or artificially.

Finally, calcium is a nutrient associated with stronger cell walls within plants—grasses included. Helping plants build rigid cell walls allows them to better survive changes in growing conditions, such as fluctuating temperatures and increased humidity levels due to drought or rainfall conditions.

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