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What Animal Manure Is Best For Roses

When it comes to fertilizing roses, animal manure can be an excellent option. However, not all types of animal manure are created equal. So what animal manure is best for roses?

Firstly, it’s important to consider the nutrient balance of the manure. The ideal ratio is 1-2-1 or 2-3-2 of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium respectively. For this reason, poultry manure from chickens or turkeys is often cited as the best option due to its high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus.

However, cow and horse manure can also be beneficial when used in moderation. These types of manure tend to have a lower nutrient content than poultry manure but their slow-release nature makes them longer-lasting.

It’s also important to note that fresh manure should never be applied directly onto your roses. This can cause root burn and other issues. Instead, allow the manure to age for at least six months before adding it to your garden beds.

Another factor to consider is the potential presence of pathogens in the animal waste. For this reason, make sure to use only composted or well-aged manure from sources you trust.

In conclusion, while poultry manure may be the preferred choice due to its nutrient balance, cow and horse manure can still provide benefits so long as they are properly aged and used in moderation. By choosing the right type of animal manure for your roses and applying it correctly, you’ll give your plants a nutritional boost for healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

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