What Animal Likes Hydrangeas

Animals love hydrangeas. From bumblebees to butterflies, even the most exotic creatures search for this flower’s bright and luscious petals.

But some animals, in particular, seek out the succulent blooms of these frilly flowers. Honeybees tirelessly buzz around a fully-grown hydrangea, collecting copious amounts of nectar for their hives and pollinating nearby surroundings. Flurries of colorful butterflies are charmed by the colorful petals as they flutter around on summer days. 

Deer and elk may drink from the fountain-like blossoms, while songbirds often pluck and play with the leaves while they weave their nests or hop across sturdy stems. Many species of lawn pests automatically recognize hydrangeas as their perfect host before they burrow into the soil or gnaw down young limbs. 

Whether it be pesky critters or animals that bring beauty to nature, hydrangeas remain an oasis in both dry and wet climates—an inviting habitat for all kinds of creatures.

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