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Should You Wet Soil Before Planting Grass Seed

Soaking soil before planting grass seed is beneficial in numerous ways. Moisture helps increase seed germination, encourages deeper root growth, and even strengthens the grass blades once they’re established.

 Before wetting your lawn or garden, determine the best approach. If it’s a large area, consider mechanical methods such as pre-wetting irrigation systems. But for smaller yards, a garden hose should be sufficient.

 The soil must be thoroughly dampened in order for the maximum benefit to be seen but not waterlogged. Avoid overwatering — if you can see puddles on the ground after watering, then you are adding too much H2O.

 Finally, spread your seeds evenly across the turf at least half an inch apart – thicker if your soil is sandy – and make sure that each one receives enough moisture to facilitate germination.

 It may take up to two weeks before your new grass takes root, but with adequate preparation and commitment, your lawn will become lush and strong in no time.

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