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Should You Water Grass Every Day When It’s Hot

Watering your lawn during summer heat is crucial. The scorching sun and dry winds put grass under extreme stress, leaving it vulnerable to disease and pests.

But you don’t want to overdo it or waste precious water. You should water deeply enough and only when necessary, using the 1-inch rule: one inch of water each week during hot months.

When temperatures rise, you may need to increase frequency as needed, but no more than every other day – never water daily! Heat increases evaporation, forcing you to apply more often for the same effect. Save time with an automated sprinkler system that can be adjusted as the weather dictates.

Proper watering encourages strong root growth–you want roots reaching deep into the subsoil for maximum moisture–and also reduces weeds; shallow irrigation only feeds surface-dwelling types. The occasional deep soak helps avoid mowing too often (too much trimming causes more wear & tear).

Correct duration & frequency are key factors in obtaining a healthy lawn resistant to unfavorable conditions – knowing the right time to water leads to savings of both money & effort while protecting your turf from damage. So don’t overdo it, and make sure your grass gets enough water!

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