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Should You Water Grass After Cutting

Mowing is crucial for a healthy lawn, but it’s not enough. To achieve lush, green grass, you must water too. But should you water after cutting?

Generally, yes, while optimal water timing varies by grass type. After mowing the grass, provide just enough moisture so that the top inch of soil feels slightly damp to the touch. It’s best to water when temperatures are cooler early in the morning or evening.

It’s important to avoid overwatering as well. Too much moisture can suffocate the grass and lead to disease “or worse.” In hot weather, allow at least five hours of the sun between watering — your lawn needs time to dry out so that air can reach its root system.

Your soil type makes a difference, too: Light soils allow for more frequent watering; clay soil requires less frequent irrigation but deeper soaking for better absorption. And don’t forget about rainfall — skip irrigation if your region receives plentiful rain for an extended period.

Trimming affects grass differently depending on the season and climate conditions to which it’s exposed. As long as turf gets enough light and supplemental water within 24 hours of cutting (in hotter months), it will look great without sustaining any damage from mowing itself.

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