Should You Cover Grass Seed With Plastic

Growing lush, green grass can bring a backyard to life. To achieve success, starting with quality grass seeds and taking proper care of the seeds is important. One common question asked is whether covering grass seeds with plastic is necessary.

The answer is no; it’s not required. To ensure successful germination, adequate soil moisture is essential – which can be achieved in other ways. Watering the seeds frequently and regularly will keep the ground damp and help them grow.

Applying a protective cover may cause groundwater beneath the surface to evaporate quickly, making the soil too dry for successful germination. Additionally, it creates an ideal environment for pests or diseases as it keeps out natural UV light that helps suppress these issues naturally.

It’s best to keep your lawn free from excess foliage during seed-growth stages for better access to sunlight and air circulation so plants have enough oxygen and water when they mature. Avoid disturbing the freshly laid seed; regular mowing won’t affect growth if done correctly using the correct tools and settings.

When planting grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Fescue, pick the right spreaders to range according to the size of your yard as this will result in even coverage and make sure you use good quality fertilizer thoroughly mixed into your topsoil before sprinkling seeds on top along with loam sand – this amplifies nutrient absorption capacity by several times more aiding in faster growth cycles of your new grass varieties.

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