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Should I Water Grass Seed At Night

Watering at night isn’t the best answer for grass seed. Instead, focus on the ideal time of day to water and which type of irrigation is most effective.

Optimal hydration provides the seed with a gentle mist that trumps soggy soil or thirsty clusters. This encourages even root growth, so roots don’t dry out in some places but stay too damp in others.

Herbs like rosemary survive sporadic watering during the day, while heavy irrigation events should be done late in the evening or just before sunrise — if an automated sprinkler system will be used. Avoid manual sprinkling on hot days due to increased evaporation rates and desirable cooler water temperatures earlier and later in the day.

Ensure soil quality by adding a layer of organic compost worth every cent it costs for its long-term moisture retention benefits plus smoother spreading of curative agents like a fertilizer as needed.

Never go overboard with seeding since extra sprouts create excess competition for sunlight, water, food, and room to grow. Plant only one-quarter inch deep with half-inch wide swaths spaced eight inches apart. Consider aeration — tiny holes created with special tines — before spreading seed over heavily compacted soil surfaces that need better drainage than usual for healthier plants in the future.

Tweak frequency based on your specific needs: Rainfall does count towards hydration, but humidity should also factor into your decision-making process — more frequent watering may be necessary when air is a high-pressured environment without rainfall at all!

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