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Should I Water Grass Morning Or Night

Watering at night is not ideal. It increases the risk of disease, fungus, and mildew, as well as pest infestations. This occurs because there’s no sun to dry it off during the day, so the moisture causes problems like powdery mildew and root rots.

 The best time for lawn watering is morning, ideally between 4am and 10am. The cooler temperature prevents too much moisture from being lost to evaporation and wind. During this period of time, water will absorb deeper, and grass blades won’t be reviving wetness all day long – therefore, reducing the spread of diseases.

 Always water your grass deeply but infrequently – around 1-2 inches per week (including rain). Depth helps the roots go down deeper into the soil, where nutrients are found. Aim for the roots rather than just falling on top of the grass blades, which will quickly evaporate with the summer heat.

 Overall, watering in the morning is a great practice that keeps your lawn healthier & stronger without having blight or other issues making them unsightly and affected by pests, plus other things that could lead to its eventual demise if not taken care of properly with the proper irrigation schedule

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