Should I Water Before Fertilizing

Soil health starts with water. Proper hydration helps dissolve and absorb minerals and other nutrients essential for plant growth. Therefore, applying water before applying fertilizer helps maximize their effectiveness.

But wait too long, and you risk depriving your plants of the vital hydration they need to uptake those nutrients. Too much fertilizer without enough water can even lead to deficiencies in the location where roots are most likely to absorb them. 

The key is using rain or irrigation when needed, and fertilizing when beneficial, not as a last-ditch effort. Don’t let dry spells go on too long between watering cycles, especially when flowerbeds have had fertilizer applied to them — that’s only hastening their demise! 

Timing also matters for planning; for example, if you’re going to be away on vacation for an extended period of time, it’s best to apply water and fertilizer beforehand so the soil will have what it needs while there is someone monitoring conditions. 

Overall, proper soil management is essential for flourishing flowers and healthy turfgrass amenities: First, come moisture and then follow fertility measures such as fertilizers. Water first; then fertilize as appropriate.

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