Should I Touch My Succulents

Caring for your succulents is one of the most rewarding experiences in the green-fingered world. But doing it right? That’s the tricky part.

The key to success is knowing when—and how—to touch your plants. When pruning, watering, or replanting that prized possession, precision and gentleness are essential. Take too much off and you risk marring their beauty; rush a repotting, and you could damage delicate roots.

But when done correctly, these steps can help your succulents thrive by promoting good airflow and encouraging growth. They can also help keep diseases away and simplify upkeep over time, giving you those healthier, lusher greens you’ve always dreamed of having in your home!

Identify what type of succulent you’re dealing with first. Different kinds require different levels of care and contact, so be sure to research thoroughly before getting started.

Next, only handle with clean hands or gloves to prevent contamination or disease transfer—especially important when dealing with ailing plants. When needed, use tools such as scissors instead of hands to give cuts if greater accuracy is required.

When repotting this organism, try using a sterile mix such as cactus mix specifically made for succulents – remove any old soil completely before adding the new mixture and remember to gently release them from any damaged or excess pots – a spoon works best here!

Take care not to overwater: consistently moist soil leads to root rot, so be sure to check out our watering guide if unsure of the quantities required. Lastly, don’t forget indoor sunshine: plenty of indirect light (from east-facing windows) equals vitality & luscious greenery!

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