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Should I Spray My Cactus With Water

Watering a cactus is always a risky endeavor. Too much can cause root rot and wilt, while too little can lead to dehydration and death. To ensure healthy growth, it’s important to provide the right amount of moisture.

When caring for a cactus, research each species to determine its needs. Generally, they need less water than other plants. During the active growing season in spring and summer, mist lightly or spray with a gentle stream once every two weeks.

In winter, reduce mistings to once per month at most. Many desert cacti require no extra watering during this period of dormancy – instead relying on the month’s natural rainfall or heavy dew from deep-root moisture reserves in dryer climates. Experimentation is key; If soil is dry but not without wrinkles or peeling skin on the plant itself, it’s ticked all necessary boxes.

Indoor cacti usually don’t need spraying, either. If foliage appears dusty, wipe off dirt with a soft cloth dipped in distilled water (tap water contains minerals that may cause spots). Then move away from direct sunlight for an hour and allow residual drops to evaporate completely before returning your cactus back outside or indoors – whichever your preference dictates!

Just remember to never overwater – if you ever do opt for filling up trays underneath pots, just be sure not to flush away all nutrients!

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