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Should I Spray My Bonsai With Water

Watering your bonsai is essential for its health and growth, but what about spraying? While it won’t hurt and may help in certain cases, it’s not always necessary.

Spraying can help keep pests away and promote healthier foliage, however, too much or frequent misting can encourage disease. And spraying the soil may lead to root rot if you’re not careful. Use distilled or rainwater—never tap water—and try to maintain humidity between 60-70%.

Remember, just like over-watering your bonsai will kill it, so too will over-spraying. To maintain balance consider the species of tree, its location (indoor or outdoor), air humidity levels, environmental temperature, and time of year before making a decision.

Rainfall is nature’s sprayer; when possible, allow Mother Nature to do her job. But if you must use a manual sprayer, ensure you don’t saturate the leaves and only be done once every two weeks at most.

Spraying is a tool for keeping your bonsai healthy, albeit an extra one less frequently used than potting mix, pruning shears, and watering cans!

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