Should I Rotate My Cactus

Rotating your cactus may sound like an unnecessary task, but experts suggest there are several benefits to doing so.

Firstly, rotating a cactus ensures it grows evenly, with each side receiving the same amount of sunlight and ensuring all parts grow uniformly. This helps create a symmetrical shape and stops any one area from becoming over-exposed and dying off.

Secondly, rotating a cactus can also help prevent root rot; turning it every few weeks helps its roots get equal amounts of air exposure which keeps them healthy and prevents moisture buildup in the soil.

Finally, by controlling where the light exposure comes from, you can control how much heat your cactus receives throughout the day. Sunlight has different angles depending on the time of day, and this can burst your cacti’s cells when followed too closely to one angle for long periods of time.

Therefore, although it may seem trivial, regular rotation of your cactus at least once or twice per week will help keep your succulent friend happy, healthy, and looking their best!

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