Should I Put Soil Over Grass Seed

Before you throw soil over a freshly seeded lawn, consider the implications. 

Seeding grass requires proper preparation. The landscape must be level and aerated, a thin layer of topsoil applied to even out areas then a recommended variety selected and spread across the area. Now it is time to cover the seed if necessary.

Without coverage, weeds can invade, rob water and nutrients intended for the new grass. But too much soil can smother or delay germination and growth roots need air pockets in order to grow properly–and sunlight to warm them so they can sprout quickly.

Soil should be just thick enough to keep birds from stealing the seed without becoming an obstacle between the seed and its environment. To do this apply no more than 1/4 inch of soil over small seeds or 1/2 inch over larger ones. Make sure the soil is smooth and well-raked around stones that may block water absorption, then water lightly as needed until grass begins growing 

Finally, beware of putting heavy objects on fresh sod too soon; large machinery can compact soft soils that have just been matured causing long-term damage . When in doubt go minimal: Keep soil from suffocating your grass with its own generosity!

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