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Should Container Plants Be Watered Every Day

General rule: Water container plants when the soil feels dry. It’s tempting to water them daily, but it usually isn’t necessary.

Know your climate and make sure pots don’t bake in the sunlight. If they overheat, water more often; if the night temperature drops, adjust the frequency. In Florida, humidity reduces the watering frequency.

Check pot size and weight after watering; small pots need daily attention, while large concrete planters might go weeks without a drink. Hotter climates require more frequent watering than cooler ones, even if the same conditions otherwise prevail.

Also, understand what kind of plants you’re watering, as some species, like cacti, will never need daily irrigation. Generally speaking, though, unless specified otherwise, most plants/blooms need to be watered 1-3 times per week depending on where you are situated and input from your local nursery or garden center specialist about plant varieties living locally on your property.

Be aware of subsurface irrigation systems, especially for multi-level decks or balconies — with the wrong design, these could either over or under-brighten some plants near the main line tributaries. Evaluate before purchase whether existing architecture will support day-to-day hydration requirements for all these spots within reason!

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