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Is There A Bad Time To Water Grass

Watering grass should be done regularly but at the right time. Afternoon watering stimulates fungal growth and encourages shallow root systems, leading to drought stress exacerbated by wind and sun.

 Early morning is the ideal time to water – between 4am and 8 am when winds are low. This way, plants have a chance to drink up before the temperatures rise too high, evaporating much of the moisture before it has a chance to soak in.

 Moisture is more available as temperatures remain lower in the early mornings, meaning your plants get all they need without wasting any precious water or having to go through multiple passes of irrigation. Early morning watering also helps stop leaf burn that may happen if water droplets linger on leaves during the day’s hotter hours.

 To achieve best results with watering grass, use sprinklers that cover as much area as possible for short periods of time, taking care to ensure even distribution of moisture which will lead to better root penetration and a healthier lawn overall. To reduce erosion risks, avoid aiming streams of water directly against slopes and hillsides; instead, spread out the pressure over larger areas with shallow depths.

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