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Is Salt Water Good For Hydrangeas

Horticulturalists offer contrasting views on whether saltwater is helpful for hydrangeas. It can seem like a confusing topic, but with the right insight, you might discover surprising new applications.

Saltwater can promote healthy flower growth in that it balances the pH of the soil and adjusts potassium levels, encouraging strong blooming. However, too much salt in the soil can be detrimental, resulting in a ‘dried-up’ look or wilting leaves.

The key is to find a balance: if your goal is to produce brighter coloration in flowers and foliage, a light salting solution should improve matters significantly. Otherwise, refrain from over-salting and opt instead for fertilizing regularly and paying attention to rooting depth. 

Properly managed use of saltwater could also boost hydrangea hardiness against waterlogging/flooding damage. The type of soils we often find them growing in are typically quite porous, so running either salty ocean water or brackish water via an irrigation system is beneficial as it helps prevent nutrient runoffs due to high rains. 

In conclusion, then, careful and strategic use of salt could be advantageous when seeking rejuvenated growth of hydrangeas–thus aiding their longevity. However, if you’re uncertain about how much salinity will work best for your plants, consulting an expert is recommended, as ‘too much’ may result in significant damage being caused!

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