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Is Morning Dew Enough To Water Grass

Moisture is essential for grass health. So, can morning dew alone provide the necessary hydration? The answer is a qualified yes.

 Mists of dew may give sufficient moisture to sustain certain varieties of grass. But earth’s cool hours typically do not last long enough to provide the supplemental watering needed for the majority of lawns during peak summer months.

 Still, make use of nature’s morning blessing by taking proper care: mow in moderation, raise cutting height for summer heat, and adjust your sprinklers so that water does not run off land or soak too deep into soil. 

 Mulching can also help ensure dew is retained longer, maintaining moisture levels in the root zone more effectively than even rainy days. Aerating soil regularly will improve water’s absorption capabilities as well. 

 In areas where frequent hot spells occur, morning sun often dries lawns before mid-day – leaving all that hard work overnight evaporated by noontime. Severe dryness is traced back to physical compaction and lack of organic matter within soil; both fixable with a little extra effort at start of season and continued conscientiousness throughout the year. 

 Supplementary irrigation may be required regardless but learning to effectively leverage moisture already available is worth trying first before resorting to artificial assistance; an easy solution yielding far greater returns over time.

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