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Is It Ok To Water Grass During The Day

Day watering can cause problems. Sun’s intense heat can evaporate the water quickly, leaving grass thirsty and potentially browning in spots. Grass also needs time to absorb adequate water; if the sun’s too high, it won’t get anything out of a daytime drink. 

Dry air is another issue. If temps are above 85F and humidity below 45%, there is less available moisture and a chance of scorching the blades of grass. Water droplets also act as tiny lenses that enhance sun rays and burn plants further.

Best practice for all types of lawn maintenance, including watering, is carried out during cooler temperatures like early morning hours or night fall periods. This helps keep moisture levels low, reduces evaporation, promoting healthy turf growth and greener foliage throughout season. 

Additionally, you’ll also reduce standing water as more will be soaked up by soil/roots instead of evaporating away into air before getting chance to work its magic!

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