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Is It Difficult To Maintain Vertical Garden

Growing upwards can reap tasty rewards in a vertical garden. From the lush greenery of your outdoor space to the gourmet treats from your indoor kitchen, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor – literally!

But is it difficult to maintain a vertical garden? Not if you do it right. Here are four easy steps:

 1. Choose your location: Find an environment that supports healthy growth. Outdoor spaces need natural sunlight, good airflow, and protection from rain and wind. Indoors, find a spot with ample light and warmth.

 2. Select your plants: With the right selection, you can plant attractive and edible species that thrive vertically. Think herbs like marjoram, thyme, and oregano; vines like peas or pole beans; even small fruit trees like pears or kiwis.

 3. Set up support: Start simple with wire baskets lined with coco coir or wood lattice trellises for quick results. If suspending multiple levels of plants is part of your plan, look for railing brackets or shepherd’s hooks for maximizing available space without compromising stability

 4. Feed & water: Establishing an irrigation system helps reduce maintenance time by making sure your plants get enough moisture at regular intervals regardless of weather patterns or personal schedules – enabling any grower, urban farmer, or home gardener to have a thriving upright garden!

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