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Is It Better To Water At Night Or In The Morning

Whether watering at night or in the morning is better depends on the plants one is tending to. Generally speaking, it’s best to water plants early in the morning. This allows excess water to evaporate throughout the day, reducing plant stress. 

Moisture retained by the soil overnight also helps inhibit weed growth and decreases evaporation from soil particles. Morning watering also gives plants time to absorb water and vital nutrients before sundown.

However, if plants have foliage that drips onto dry leaves below, it’s better to avoid nighttime watering as this can lead to fungal diseases. In hot climates, if temperatures remain high late into the night and humidity levels are elevated, watering your plants in the evening can be beneficial for preventing moisture loss due to evaporation.

No matter when you decide to water your garden, doing it slowly and evenly is key for proper absorption of moisture. Always check that your soil gets approximately 1 inch of water per week through rainfall or supplemental irrigation before adding more yourself. 

Finally, be sure not to overwater as too much moisture can lead to root rot and other issues.

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