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Is It Better To Fertilize At Night Or Morning

Fertilizing at the right time can make a big difference in the success of your garden. Morning or night, which is better?

Sunlight and temperature play an important role when fertilizing. When the sun is up, it’s better to wait until evening. Weeds will be less active then, too, allowing you to spread fertilizer on your soil without competition.

At night, cooler temperatures in many parts of the world can reduce loss due to evaporation. Nutrients may also soak into the soil faster at night as natural moisture from dew accumulates during darkness.

Nighttime can also help you avoid burnout from strong ultraviolet rays that can damage tender plants’ foliage when exposed for extended periods to the sun. Plants benefit from ample fertilizer, but over-fertilization can cause unpleasant odors and harm pollinators and beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

In addition to timing, proper application is critical for vegetation health and growth. Keep fertilizer away from plant roots and ensure it reaches deep into your soil layers. And stagger fertilizing applications based on plant needs throughout different seasons to achieve optimum results.

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