Is It Better To Cut Roses Or Leave Them

Clever gardeners have long known that pruning is essential for keeping roses healthy and productive. Heavy pruning rejuvenates plants, keeps them compact, promotes flowering all summer, and increases their lifespan.

But how much should you trim your roses? It depends on the type, but in general, it’s best to carefully remove all dead or diseased canes and stems that are at least a year old out at a 45-degree angle right below an outward-facing bud. This will promote plenty of foliage, blooms, and new growth while also maintaining air circulation between canes.

You should also use sharp bypass pruners any time you want to shape the plant or discourage business by cutting off branches that cross over one another. If you don’t cut enough off each stem, the rosebush won’t flower well. Additionally, if left to grow unchecked, many varieties of roses become tall and spindly without many flowers at all. Therefore, it’s important to be bold when it comes to aggressive pruning!

Pruning need not be daunting, though—with a little practice, you will quickly learn how much is just enough (without going overboard). After all—successful gardeners know when to cut roses!

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