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Is It Bad To Water Succulents At Night

Watering succulents at night is not ideal. Low light, humidity, and cooler temperatures are all factors that make the night an unsuitable time for giving your plants the hydration they need.

Direct contact with water can cause rot on leave and stems due to the more humid environment late in the day.

If you must water at night, use a gentle mist spray. However, succulents do best when watered during the early morning before hot temperatures set in, allowing leaves and roots to absorb much-needed moisture before things heat up for the day.

Besides moistening soil on warm days, watering also prevents wilting caused by hot weather. Delicate succulent stems cannot handle extreme conditions or intense direct sunlight after their thirst has been quenched, causing them to wither away quickly or suffer permanent damage if not taken care of correctly.

Therefore it’s recommended that all succulents be watered during early morning hours while temperatures are cool and light is low- this will allow them to get optimal hydration without any dangerous consequences linked to leaving soil too wet or over-exposing sensitive plants to direct sunlight soon after watering. Taking advantage of these milder conditions makes it easier to properly give your plant what it requires so that its growth won’t take a hit due to poor timing or insufficient hydration levels.

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