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Is It Bad To Water Grass When It’s Hot

Hot weather puts stress on lawns, so watering when it’s hot is crucial. But it should be done thoughtfully. Too much water can weaken grass and make it more vulnerable to diseases, pests, and insect damage.

 It’s best to water your lawn in the early morning when temperatures are lower, and there is less wind; this will ensure your grass gets enough moisture before the sun’s heat evaporates it away. Water slowly to allow for better absorption into the soil; this also reduces runoff.

 A single deep soak is better than frequent, shallow watering – aim for at least one inch of water a week if your grass isn’t getting significant rainfall. Don’t forget about proper drainage or clogged sprinklers that might interfere with adequate irrigation for your grassroots.

 The key to successful watering in the summertime is monitoring: pay attention to the weather forecast and water your lawn accordingly to avoid over- or under-watering during hot spells. Frequent mowing helps by keeping grass shorter, allowing roots to stay cool while encouraging healthy growth and green color.

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