Is Grass Healthier When Its Longer

Green grass looks vibrant and inviting, but is there a health benefit to letting it grow longer?

Studies have shown that when the grass is cut at the optimal height and length, it’s healthier and more resistant to disease. This healthy grass is also better able to keep weeds out.

Mowing too low or too high can cause damage. With long blades of grass blocking light, the chances of weed growth increase. On the other hand, too short blades can create a weak root system as it reduces soil contact.

It also helps prevent soil erosion in areas with high winds. Longer blades also help retain moisture and are beneficial when trying to avoid drought stress. As a result, lawns with longer grass need less water, allowing them to withstand droughts easier than ones mowed shorter.

Longer grass can also help shield soils from extreme temperatures due to its ability to retain heat during colder months while providing shade during hotter months. And since longer grass provides habitats for natural predators like ladybugs which eat harmful insects on your plants, maintaining longer blades helps protect your garden from further damage.

Simply put, cutting your lawn every 7-14 days will create lusher, greener, and healthier-looking grass – plus, who doesn’t enjoy having a lovely looking lawn!

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