Is Coffee Good For Your Grass

Coffee doesn’t just energize us; it may also be good for our grass. Studies show that coffee grounds can be a great fertilizer that boosts the growth of plants and grass.

The nitrogen in coffee helps resist heat, drought, and disease, as well as keeping bugs away from turfgrass. Coffee is acidic, so it reduces the alkalinity of the soil, which makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients. Additionally, the organic matter released by decomposing grounds improves water retention and adds beneficial microbes to your lawn.

Even if you don’t fertilize your lawn with coffee grounds, using them in compost gives a boost to plant health without compromising on growth quality. While it’s not recommended to use large amounts of coffee directly on grass, a top dressing no more than once per season can stimulate growth.

When applying grounds, mix with other compost, such as leaves and woodchips, to avoid over-acidifying the soil. Before adding any type of fertilizer or compost, you should have your soil tested for pH level and nutrient content and adjust accordingly before treating your grass with coffee or anything else!

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