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Is Cactus A Fruit Or Vegetable

Cacti are a type of plant that may have people wondering – Are they a fruit or vegetable? The answer lies in their anatomy.

Botanically speaking, cactus fruits possess some unique features, predominantly the presence of hard and pointed thorns on their flesh. This makes them a variety of succulents, rather than fruit or vegetable, because, unlike other fruits and vegetables, they store water in their leaves too.

Beyond their physical traits, cacti also have distinct food characteristics that you wouldn’t usually find in any other type of fruit or vegetable. They have a juicy texture coupled with a sweet or tart flavor; think of prickly pear varieties that can come either green or purple and are often used to make jellies and candies.

So when it comes down to it, cacti can be classified as neither vegetables nor fruits but succulents – plants possessing special adaptations for surviving in arid climates that require minimal water intake.

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