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How To Take Care Of A Cactus

A cactus is no ordinary plant. It needs special care, but reward your devotion with a lifetime of beauty and vibrancy. Here’s how:

Picking the right spot: Cacti need lots of light and air circulation; avoid humid locations like bathrooms. Place them near windows or in front of vents where warm air naturally circulates.

Providing water: When you water, ensure it’s given slowly, deeply, and at regular intervals during active growing seasons (April to September). Water liberally, depending on the amount of light it receives. (The optical illusion showing cacti thirsty for moisture? Ignore it.)

Watering too frequently will lead to root rot; underwatering causes the leaves to drop off or turn yellow-green. Don’t fertilize during winter because cacti undergo dormancy—this is also when they don’t need any pruning.

Perfect temperature: Find out what temperature will best suit your chosen species—some are tropical, while others can withstand extreme cold without a problem! Acclimate new plants gradually if they come from warm climates before exposing them to colder temperatures outside.

Protection against pests: Remove dead flowers carefully (they could contain larvae) and expose small visible bugs by hosing down the foliage gently and then wiping them away with a damp cloth. Spray regularly for good preventive insect control—using natural solutions like citrus juices or oils soaps with beneficial additives like garlic oil will ensure continued success against unwanted intruders!

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