How To Prune Roses

Proper pruning of a rosebush encourages bloom and aromatic fragrance. With just a few cuts at the right time, your roses will flourish each year.

Begin in early spring while the plant is dormant. Remove dead or crossing branches to enhance the shape of the bush. Trim off weak canes and any limbs that appear to be diseased or infested with pests.

Cut back lateral shoots on each branch, leaving 2-3 buds along each stem for regrowth. Be sure to make each snip at an angle just above a bud on an outward-facing growth node, angling away from it in a slightly downward direction.

Continue with lateral shoots located down toward the base of the bush, making several successive cuts until all overlapping canes have been removed. To create more airflow among stems, thin out thick patches by gently removing some foliage and undergrowth within clumps; this also helps curb potential fungus problems.

Finally, shape up the top portion of your bush according to its desired form- rounded or bushy- with 1/4″ diameter cuts made just above a dormant bud’s eye pointing in an outward direction away from old wood and towards new growth for ample circulation.

Follow these steps for lush blooms during the rose season!

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